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Nejlovestuco 7 days ago

Baked Beans

So tasty! Reminds me of the beans my grandma made. Love the little bits of pork in these beans.

Nuggiedog 12 days ago

Beef Rib Meal

Absolutely delicious. Just the right amount of chew and texture. Lots of meat on each rib. Not too fatty but a little bit of fat on each rib that really brought home the beefy flavor. Great sauces too. The baked beans were great. The green beans were great also with the right al dente in my opinion. So far I've never encountered a bad side dish at either Brushfire location. I've been hooked on slow smoked BBQ since the middle 1950's and I know good "Q". Brushfire keeps me coming back.

Jyarab 17 days ago

Messy Fries

My go-to menu item at BrushFire is their messy fries. Yummy seasoned french fries topped with BBQ Pulled pork - absolutely delicious! You can add cheese, but I choose not to. You can pick the meat and the style of sauce that fits you. I highly recommend giving it a try!

Jude7701 19 days ago

Smoked Chicken Wings

Best chicken wings ever. The dry rub makes these amazing!

Tgillesp 22 days ago

Messy Fries

Great food and something for everyone!

Desmanriquez 26 days ago

Grilled Pork Belly

Best grilled pork belly in Tucson! Juicy, tender and full of flavor. Paired with mac n cheese and green beans and I am in food heaven!

Rockingforty 28 days ago

BrushFire Pork

BrushFire provided the BBQ for my company Christmas party today. It was off the hook! Better than anything I ever tried in Memphis, St Louise, or good old Dallas Texas. If you love BBQ and want something truly Tucson give them a try...

Matwpac7 29 days ago

Baby Back Ribs

OH-MA-GAWD. These ribs...THESE ribs. Come over here and let me tell you something. Closer...CLOSER. I've been on the search for quality baby back ribs for quite some time. Ever since I moved here from South Carolina (we uh...yeah we can appreciate BBQ over there) I've been sadly disappointed by the local offerings. This pains me to say because everyone is so frickin nice! But nice doesn't equal mind-blowing BBQ. I believe Guy Fieri said that...just kidding. Mouth watering. Juicy. Scrumptious. Tender. Delicious. There are no words to truly describe my enjoyment and appreciation of Brushfire BBQ. You gave a new Tucsonan hope and belief once again. I thank you from the bottom of my Southern Heart.

Cassandradawn89 30 days ago

BrushFire Combo

We had a christmas party and they had tons of different items. My husband and i found it all very delicious! We will be going back tonight

Evebonillas94 about 1 month ago

Chicken Wings

They are the most tender smoked wings so delicious swear omg mouth watering 😪🤤🤤

Jonathan about 1 month ago

Smoked Meatloaf Sandwich

Meatloaf on its own is of course a fine thing. But _smoked_ meat loaf, y'all... !

Jonathan about 1 month ago

Fresh Pork Rinds

Get the pork rinds, y'all. (If you're the sort of person who is a native speaker of "y'all", you will love them.)

Stomlin54 about 2 months ago

Creamy Slaw

Always a side that's a pleasure. Their brisket, wings, and selection of BBQ sauce is unmatched in Tucson. If I'm getting BBQ it's at Brushfire.

Mrterrellhead about 2 months ago

Messy Fries

I get this literally every visit regardless of how much other food I order. Stupid good.

Patricia about 2 months ago

Beef Ribs

Brushfire is our favorite BBQ.We always get a slab of beef ribs and 2 lbs. of briskest. Always for Thanksgiving we order just that instead of having a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with turkey and dressing. We give it 5 out of 5 stars and send friends they're way also.

Kinzy520 about 2 months ago

Smoked Meatloaf Meal

Very tasty meatloaf there. We usually go for some ribs and pulled pork, but tried something different this time. A little spicy, doesn't really need any sauce. Wonderful smoked flavor. We got two sides, their excellent baked beans and a baked potato. Truly a meal of contentment.

Magdagutierrez07 2 months ago

Smokey Brisket

It was amazing. Thank you !!!

Vicer77 2 months ago

Smoked Chicken Wings

These are ridiculously delicious, you NEED to try these.

Nejlovestuco 7 days ago

Smoked Chicken Wings

Best wings in Tucson!

Shoppingrn 15 days ago

BrushFire Pork Sandwich

The barbeque pork is the best in Tucson, my daughter from L.A. always has to eat here when she comes to town. The sweet molasses sauce is unlike any sauce I've had and so good, that we bought containers of it and took it to Iowa for our wedding! I've never had a bad meal here.

Morningmoon44 18 days ago

Messy Mac & Cheese

The messy Mac and cheese has everything you want in a meal. It's creamy from the Mac and cheese but crunchy from the Fritos. The meat is always so flavorful. I always feel so satisfied after eating it.

Cbanek 21 days ago

Corn Bread

The cornbread is so amazing. It's grilled, but sweet and a little sticky on the outside, and so warm and delicious. You really need to get the cornbread.

Kiannawikfors 26 days ago

Mac and Cheese

Everything is sooo good the mac and cheese is a hit! The beans are amazing and the cookies with the family meal is bomb! The bbq is something the whole family can agree on and it TASTE wonderful!

Wixomjs 28 days ago

Blazing Combo Meal

Meat was juicy and moist as always! Mac-n-cheese and green beans sides are the best!

Tmwixom 28 days ago

Smoked Chicken Wings

Amazing smoked wings ... just melt in your mouth. I don't think I can go back to regular wings now ... I'm hooked for life!

Pasapasa2001 29 days ago

Beef Ribs

Very tender meat, has alot of smoky deliciousness! Great helpful staff! Always a favorite! Great job! J Keep up the good work !!

Crazygdcf about 1 month ago

Messy Fries

Sooooo good!!! With brisket, chipotle, cheddar, onions and jalapeños!!!

Bethany about 1 month ago

BrushFire Pork

Absolutely amazing every time I order it, which is once a week.

Jonathan about 1 month ago

Family Meats

We get this to feed our family of 5 (2 adults, three elementary age kids) all the time! 1 pound pork, 1 pound brisket, m&c, and baked beans. We usually thrown in some corn on the cob too!

Sarahstogsdill48 about 2 months ago

Messy Mac & Cheese

So good and worth it!

Mrterrellhead about 2 months ago

Combo Sandwich

Hot sausage and brisket mix, get contracting textures of meat and flavor, superb.

Archie23 about 2 months ago

Chicken Wings

Some of the best wings in town. Meaty, Smoky and delicious, even without sauce. Everything that brushfire does is good.

Agoogaligoo about 2 months ago

BrushFire Pork Sandwich

Yummy! So messy and full of bbq! Absolutely delicious. Get the hungry sandwich and it will last you for two meals.

Silver0spyder about 2 months ago

Chicken Wings

LOVE these! Order the winds with sauce on the side to experience the full smoked texture and flavor

Nightmarebane 2 months ago

BrushFire Pork Sandwich

The bread is always amazing, the pork is so tender, the portions are very generous and all of their bbq is amazing, this time I went with smokey chipotle.

Melissa 2 months ago

Creamy Slaw

Best vinegary slaw on the planet !!!!


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